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If You Want More Business, Show You Care


This may seem like common sense, but, unfortunately many business owners forget about the “Care factor” when trying to grow their businesses. We can get so caught up in selling our services that we forget that others don’t want to be sold to. They don’t want to be pitched at. They, like you, want to feel like you care about them as a person, not just as a potential number on your income statement. This will help dramatically with both your new client acquisition and with referrals.

So, how can you show you care about others in business?

1.When in a conversation with someone, take the time to ask them questions about themselves, then comment positively on what they said and ask follow-up questions. If you do all of the talking (aka monologue), what was supposed to be a conversation is no longer a conversation, it’s a monologue. No one enters into a conversation expecting or desiring to listen to a monologue.

*A conversation should be a back-and-forth activity, where both parties, or all if there are more than 2 of you, get equal or mostly equal time to speak.

It’s also not enough just to ask others about what they do. I’ve had this experience several times at networking events, where I could tell that the person only asked me because s/he cognitively knew that this was something they should do, then immediately went back to talking and talking and talking. They didn’t even acknowledge what I said, which would have been apparent by them commenting on what I said and/or asking me a follow-up question. I could see the relief on their face, that they fulfilled what they thought was an obligation and now they can do what they really want to do, which is just doing all of the talking.

It showed me that they really didn’t care what I had to say and they didn’t care to get to know me. Do you think I wanted to become their client?? No. Not only that, but, it made me not want to listen to what they had to say after that, despite my original intention of doing that.

In short, by not showing they cared, it had the opposite effect of what they wanted to achieve. Furthermore, not only did I not want to listen to them or become their client, I didn’t want to get into a one-on-one situation with them over again.

2. Thank your customers and clients for becoming your customers and clients. You could do this verbally, by email or mail them a card or gift.

3. Take note of what they said, so you can continue the conversation the next time you see them and in follow-up digital communication. For example, if they told you they were going on vacation. The next time you see them, you could ask them how their vacation was.. ask them to show you pictures, etc.

*How can you remember what people say? Use a CRM to record notes.. 

4. Like, comment and/or share their social media posts. It makes us all feel good when we get a notification that someone liked, commented and shared our posts. Spread these out though, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

5. Send them a virtual or physical birthday card or special occasion card or virtual wish. Letting them know that you are thinking about them and wish them well, makes them feel appreciated. When people feel appreciated, they usually want to do something nice for you.. like become your client again and send you referrals.

6. Give a Google review, LinkedIn recommendation, Facebook review, follow their social media pages and subscribe to their YouTube channels. Not all at once, but, over the course of a few weeks. Make sure they are genuine recommendations, so it doesn’t appear that you are faking it just to get their business or referrals.

*When you give online support to prospects, they will wonder who you and check out your profiles and perhaps your website.

7. Create motivational/inspirational social media posts and post them occasionally, so people can see that you are about more than just promoting your products/services.

8. Post pictures with yourself and your family and pets, if you have them. It makes you seem more real and genuine to others.

Not only are all the above actions GOOD BUSINESS, they will also make you feel better!

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Tammy Defoe
Author: Tammy Defoe

Tammy Defoe is the Founder and President of GTApreneurs Inc. She is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Public Speaking Instructor. She is very skilled and experienced at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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