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Richmond Hill is a great place to do business and only a short drive from Toronto. It’s population has exploded since the 1990’s being reclassed from a town to a city in 2019. With a population of 202,022 and immediate proximity to other major York Region cities and to Toronto, there are plenty of customers to buy from your business.

Richmond Hill is also one of the most educated cities in Canada, with around 77% of the population having post-secondary education.

So, if you have a business that requires highly educated and skilled workers, you have a good chance of finding them here.

The average income of Richmond Hill residents is also very high, making it a good place to sell products and services at a higher price point.

We don’t have any Richmond Hill specific drop-in networking events planned at this time, however, if you are a resident of Richmond Hill, you are welcome to attend our Toronto in-person business networking events or our virtual networking events which are open to business owners worldwide.

What is a Referral Group?

Referral Groups are also often called “Business Networking Groups.” Our referral groups have one spot available for each profession, so all referrals for one type of product or service go to the one member who offers it.

There are many other benefits about being a member, including a full-page ad in our website directory, digital marketing education, sales and public speaking training, a Corporate+Club discount card and the option to enroll in our health and dental insurance plan, free admission to our open networking events and more.

We now have a York Region – Richmond Hill Referral Networking Group!

We made this group region-wide and allow business owners and self-employed professionals from other areas of the GTA to join to us as well, so the group is accessible for more people.

We will meet in person a few times a year, then the rest of the weekly meetings will happen online. When we meet in person, the venue will be in Richmond Hill. This group is in the building phase, with many positions already taken, but, there is still room for more.

- Join a friendly and dedicated team of business professionals for referrals and other support!

*New group still building



These are the members we have so far:

We want you to join us to make our group big and strong, so we can do more business together!

Book a video call with Tammy Defoe, our President, to talk about joining our amazing, supportive group.

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We also have a Toronto North Referral Group, which has been running for a few years. Check to see if we have spot open for you.

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