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Business coaching involves a professional Business Coach who is knowledgeable and highly experienced in the different aspects of business development, growth and maintenance, working directly with a business owner, the business leadership team or in some cases all leadership and personnel in a business to help the company grow.

Many people call themselves Business Coaches, but, it’s important to examine their experience and skills before deciding who to hire. How much successful sales experience do they have? Are they knowledgeable and effective at public speaking and other forms of business communication? Are they tech savvy and educated in digital marketing? Do they have a big network who they can connect you with to help you grow your business? Are they patient and skilled at explaining concepts so they are easy to understand? Are they creative, analytical and people-focused?

Most people are really good at one or two things, but, not everyone is well-rounded with significant skills in many different areas. Our Coach, Tammy Defoe, President of GTApreneurs Inc. is highly educated, skilled and knowledgeable in all of the above areas with decades of experience.

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Business Strategy and Marketing Plan

This is a combination of a road map and blueprint for how to build your business and which steps to take when.

It is crucial that you have a solid foundation on which to build your business and that you take care of any parts needing repair, replacement or upgrading over time so it stays relevant and high quality making consumers want to buy from you.

Our Coach will work with you to develop a winning strategy and detailed plan sure to elevate your revenue and take your business to the next level.

Communication and Sales Training

What you say and how you say it are extremely important in business. Consumers want to know what you offer, how it can help them and why you are better than the business down the road. They also want to feel heard, understood and shown that you care about them.

Business communication is an art and a skill that can be learned, improved upon and mastered. Our Coach is an expert communicator in both one-on-one and group settings. She can give you the words and help bring out your most confident self for maximum success in networking and sales.
The #1 way consumers look for the products and services they want is online. So, if you don’t have a big digital presence, most consumers aren’t finding your business. This means you are missing out on opportunities to gain new clients and increase your revenue.

Our Coach is very knowledgeable and skilled in several areas of digital marketing, including websites, SEO and social media marketing.

She will include these essential elements in your marketing plan, and either teach you how to implement them yourself or we can do it for you.
Business Networking
There is art and skill to business networking that makes some entrepreneurs more successful than others.

Master this process and you will never run out of prospects or referrals.

Our Coach can help you master this art so you can get more meetings with potential clients and more referrals. 
Financial and LEGAL
There are many financial and legal elements that you need to consider, protect and monitor when starting and running a business.

Our Coach will advise you in several financial areas and connect you with credible Accountants, Business Lawyers, Commerical Insurance Specialists and other professionals when necessary.
TRACK, evaluate, modify
Tracking your progress, evaluating your performance, setting new goals and making modifications to reach those goals is crucial to your business success.

Our Coach will help you determine the best KPIs to track for your business and provide you with ongoing recommendations on how to keep improving so you keep reaching the goals you set for your business each month.

about Tammy Defoe

Your Toronto Business Coach and Business Consultant

Tammy Defoe, President of GTApreneurs Inc. is a Toronto Business Coach and Consultant, Sales and Public Speaking Trainer, Event Coordinator and Host, and Website Project Manager.

She possesses a unique combination of education, experience and skills to help you grow your business. 

She has over 30 years of group instruction and event coordination experience; 17 years of individual coaching experience; 20 years of high-performing sales experience and 3 years of university education.

“I am committed to helping you make more money by growing your business in a smart and sustainable way. More heads are better than one. Use my 3rd party, professional and objective perspective, knowledge and skills to help your business grow! I guarantee you will be happy with the process and the results!”


Entrepreneurs and management within any business can benefit from business coaching in Toronto and online business coaching, as long as it’s with the right coach and they are open to receiving feedback about the different areas of their business and open to making changes where necessary.

In other words, you need to be coachable. You need to see coaching as an opportunity to collaborate with a professional who has a lot of experience in the different areas important to grow your business and you want to benefit from their knowledge, perspective and advice.

Our Toronto Business Coach can help you if you are in the business contemplation phase where you still need to create a plan or if you have started your business already, but, need help to boost your sales, improve your communication skills, get a new business strategy or learn how to use digital marketing as an effective promotional tool.

What's Included

We will meet over video so I can get to know you, the background of your business, your current processes and resources, then help you define short, medium and long-term goals.


You and your business have unique needs and goals. I will custom make a plan for your business to accelerate its growth from the point you are currently at.


We will meet for 1 hour or more each week over video, with at least one in-person session if you operate a local physical store. I will identify and advise you on your blind spots and keep you accountable to reach your goals.

Assignments and accountability

Based on your progress over the previous week, we will discuss the plan for the coming week and I will assign a list of tasks to complete in the upcoming week (i.e. Homework) to keep you on track to reach your long-term goals.

Detailed session

I will make notes during our sessions, typically showing you what I am typing or illustrating as I go for further understanding and retention. I will email these notes and illustrations to you after each session.


You are welcome to email me anytime Monday to Friday for questions about your business. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner during business hours.

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Business Coaching Toronto Packages

skills training
Variable # of Sessions

You already have a good strategy for your business, but, you need help in one or more specific areas like prospecting, sales, communication, public speaking (Elevator Pitch, presentations), digital marketing, contact management, etc. 

I will create a plan and put you through the paces so you acquire the knowledge and professional skills you need to be successful.

Business Start-up
12 Weeks

You want to start a business or you are in your first year of business and you need help with planning or modifying your business plan or or with execution.

This program is ideal for you. It is an intense 12-weeks starting out with two 1-1.5 hour video call sessions for the first 2-3 weeks, then tapering down the weekly sessions until all 12 session have been completed. You must complete weekly homework assignments in between sessions to keep your business progressing at the pace of the program. 

The goal is to have you growing your business with good momentum by the end of 12 weeks so you can continue on your own.

Depends on company's needed

You have been in business for 1 or more years, but:

  • Your company’s growth has stalled or
  • You need advice before making big decisions
  • You’re not sure how to scale your business
  • You need help with getting your team to generate more sale 
  • You need help with digital marketing or
  • You need help with your business communication  leadership skills or those of your staff

This is the best program for you. It will be custom-tailored to your unique business needs.

Customized to client

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