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Welcome to GTApreneurs!

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Tammy Defoe, President
Business Coach, Sales & Public Speaking Trainer
GTApreneurs Inc.

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We are happy to be renting half of unit #118 at Improve Canada, Vaughan, ON. We will be posting office hours soon. For now, to meet with Tammy, book a video call.

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How to find us and the upstairs event space. Use entrance O, M, N on the north side of the building or entrance J on the back of the building. The staircase to the event space is half way down the north-side main street between fourth and sixth streets. See the MAP here for more details. 

Meet Alex Dymov, President and designer at Galaxy Decor/Omni Decor. We are happy to share unit #118 with him and share with you his work. Meet Alex by going to our unit on Saturdays between 2-4pm.

Business Networking Events

Virtual Networking Events

Wed Mar. 13 at 12pm
Wed Apr. 10 at 12pm

In-Person Toronto-area Business Networking Events

Tues Feb 27 from 5-8pm
Tues Mar 26 from 5-8pm 

In-Person Newmarket Networking Events

Tues Mar. 19 from 5-8pm
Tues Apr. 16 from 5-8pm


Each business is unique with different products and services, owners, staff, target market, branding, geographical locations, languages, cultures, and more.

The stage your business is in is also unique to your business. We want to help you at all stages of your business from planning to promotion to scaling and succession planning. We offer a variety of services, including Networking Events for Business, which are also called, “Entrepreneur Networking Events” and “Business Networking Events.” Plus, Business Networking Groups, also called “Referral Groups;”along with Toronto Business Coaching; Sales Training; Public Speaking Training; Guest Speaker opportunities; and Website Development and SEO services.

For the other services that you need to grow, scale, sell or pass on your business, check out our new local business directory, which just launched in May 2023. You will find some professionals who can help you with things like business law, contracts, liability insurance, promotional products and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email and we will connect you with a great product or service provider who can help you.

Need Staff to Help Your Business Grow?

Clerk-Tech, a Partner of GTApreneurs, is an outsourcing company that can help you hire highly skilled full-time VAs for 1/4th of the cost of hiring the same talent in North America. You can hire people in Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Administration, Customer support, etc. for as less as $5/hr.

We employ one of their workers and we are very happy with her work. 

To learn more, book a video call with their intake manager, Abhishek Basak, here:

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GTApreneurs Business Services


This is an exciting stage when you are full of energy and excitement and look forward to your entrepreneurial journey.

Having a great business idea that will make consumers want to buy from you is key! To help you, we’ve compiled and categorized several lists of business ideas to help you out.

Even if you already have an idea of what you want to do, it’s a good idea to see what the other options exist to get your creative juices flowing and solidfy your chosen path or modify your original idea.

We can help you decide what type of business is right for you:

Are you in the PLANNING stage?

Excellent! This is a fun business stage, which is also extremely essential, as this is when you are building the foundation for your business on which it can grow, diversify and thrive.

Your new business is your baby.. your personal project that you can sculpt and nurture in the way you want, and it can be very successful as long as consumers like what you have to offer.

Build a strong plan before spending any money on your business. Start with market research, including defining your target market (TM) and scoping out your potential competitors. Then, write down your long-term and short-term goals and needs, followed by the step-by-step actions you will take to reach your goals.

We can help with a custom Business Coaching program to take you from start-up to success in just 12 weeks, 


This is the part of business plan implementation you do before you open the virtual or physical doors of your business.

You may want to get sales training, a website and set-up on social media.

Are you in the Start-Up or Growth Stages?

You need to MEET PEOPLE, and lots of them on a regular basis. Become part of the “’s WHO you know,” circle by building strong business relationships and getting referrals starting with our Business Networking Events and Memberships.

  1. You are invited to our monthly Virtual Networking Events on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 12pm, and
  2. In-person business networking events, typically on the last Tuesday of the month in the evening in Toronto or Thornhill.
  3. Starting in October you can attend our monthly satellite business networking events in different areas of the GTA, hosted by our amazing Business Networking Event Regional Managers. So, if you can’t make it to Toronto, you can still be part of GTApreneurs.
  4. Take your networking to the next level with a Business NETWORKING EVENT Membership or
  5. An Exclusive Business Coaching and REFERRAL NETWORKING Membership (space is limited to one member per profession)




Do you want even More Exposure?
  1. Would you like our website visitors to find your business? Place an AD in our BUSINESS DIRECTORY.
  2. Want massive online promotion and a captive audience of business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals? Check into our GUEST SPEAKER OPPORTUNITIES.
  3. Do you want more ADVERTISING for your business and have our networking event guests visit you? Be an EXHIBITOR at our networking events. 




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