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Why attend Business Networking Events?

Business networking events, also called entrepreneur networking events, are great places to meet potential clients and referral partners and promote your business. Our events give you the opportunity to both give an Elevator Pitch about your business and converse with the other event guests to start the relationship-building process.

Notice the word, “relationship.” In order to build a relationship with another guest you need to focus on learning about them by asking questions about themselves and their businesses before talking about yourself. Then, comment positively on what they said and ask follow-up questions.

Also, remember building new relationships and gaining new clients takes time, typically an average of 5-7 touch points, so instead of trying to sell your products and services at our virtual and Toronto business networking events, focus on getting to know the other guests and what they offer; then briefly describe what you do.

Success often comes in the follow-up. Within 24 hours of attending one of our entrepreneur networking events, send those who you believe are in your target market a LinkedIn or Facebook connection request and message, phone call or personalized email message and ask if they would like to meet for a video call to continue your conversation.

We host 2 business networking events every month, typically in this pattern:

1. VIRTUAL business networking event – 2nd Wednesday of the month at 12pm

2. IN-PERSON business networking event – Typically the last Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm or  5:00pm in Toronto or Thornhill.

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We looking forward to meeting you!

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GTApreneurs Dec 13 Afternoon Virtual Business Networking Event

Come out to this fun and educational Virtual Business Networking Event to connect with other amazing entrepreneurs, learn something new and promote your business! You will have 30 seconds to give us your Elevator Pitch.

This event will feature Tammy Defoe. Tammy is the President and Founder of GTApreneurs. She is an experienced Business Coach, specializing in business strategy, sales, marketing and public speaking.

Book a video call with her here:

 Tammy Defoe, President, Business Coach, GTApreneurs Inc. (416) 522-7770

To attend, choose one of these options:
GTApreneurs Dec 13 Virtual Business Networking Event WARM-UP

11:45am-12pm: Pre-event networking
12:00-12:10pm: GTApreneurs welcoming presentation
12:10-12:30pm:  Presentation: Tammy Defoe, “Use the 7 P’s of Marketing to Grow Your Business!”
12:30-1:00pm: Elevator Pitches


11:45am-12pm: Pre-event networking
12:00-12:10pm: GTApreneurs welcoming presentation
12:10-12:30pm: Presentation: Tammy Defoe, “Use the 7 P’s of Marketing to Grow Your Business!”
12:30-1:00pm: Elevator Pitches
1:00-2:00pm: Private networking in breakout rooms
*Guest Contact sheet will be emailed to you after the event

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VENUE: Thornhill Pub
ADDRESS: 7756 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON
PARKING: Free, on the side and at the back.
HOW TO FIND US? Ask for the section reserved for GTApreneurs
EVENT FEE: $12 in advance or $16.50 on event day

*Please purchase a beverage and/or food to support the venue

Ticket fee includes a Guest Contact Sheet emailed to you the day after the event. If you don’t see it in your inbox by 5pm the day after the event, check your junk folder.

*GTApreneurs Holiday Business Networking Party

Thurs. Dec 28, 2023 (4:00-7:00pm)

Come out to celebrate the holidays while networking for your business! This will be a fun, social event where you can walk around and talk to the other event guests or have a seat and chat while enjoying some beverages and food.

Business is about relationships, so come out to start new ones or nurture existing ones in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. No pressure, just introduce yourself and ask others about themselves and enjoy the evening!

Organizer & Host: Tammy Defoe, President, Business Coach, GTApreneurs Inc. (416) 522-7770

Book a video consultation:



GTApreneurs Oct 24-2023 Business Networking Event w/ Food Buffet

Photos courtesy of Marcus Nicholas Photography. See his portfolio here:

What is the key to networking success?

  1. Give a clear and specific introduction (Elevator Pitch) at events, showing passion for what you offer.
  2. When in breakout rooms, ask the other person about themselves to get to know them better, show you care and qualify them.
  3. Book one-on-one meetings with the other event guests during the event or send them a follow-up email within 24 hours to ask for a meeting.
  4. During the one-on-one meetings, focus on getting to know them better and what they offer, by asking questions, then commenting positively on what they said, and asking follow-up questions. Then, tell them more about you and your offerings in more of an explanation style than a sales pitch.
  5. ATTEND BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS with the same organization REGULARLY so you become familiar to others and get known as the “Go-to” person for the services or products you offer. This will further build the “Know, Like, Trust,” that most people need to feel before they decide to hire a service provider or buy from a products provider.

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The Art and Skill of Business Networking

What’s the secret to business networking? Some entrepreneurs do better than others when they attend these events. Why is that?

The big secret, which is not an actual secret, is to consider the contact you make with people at a networking event as one “touch,” in a multi-touch sales process.

In order words, don’t ask or expect event guests to sign on the dotted line and pay for what you are offering at the event. Also, don’t expect them to go home and buy right way.

People are busy and they have building their business first in their minds. So, at the event focus on getting to know each guest a bit through general conversation, make them feel good about themselves, ask them about their business, and try to determine if they are qualified to be your client at the event (“qualify them”). How can you determine if they are qualified? It depends on the kind of business you are in, the kind of business they are in and what else you discover through listening to what they have to say. Remember, you need to ask them questions to get the information you need and to also get to know them better and show them that you care.

If you appear to only care about yourself and pitching your business, it will push others away and make them not want to converse with you again.

You only get one chance to make a 1st impression. Make sure that it’s a good one. Leave other people with a feeling that they like you and would be happy to converse with you more in the future.

Then, send only those who are qualified an email or LinkedIn invitation with a note within 24-48 hours afterwards, so they remember who you are; tell them that you were pleased to meet them and then ask them for something.. a meeting, to attend your event, etc. Ask them something that is not too much of a commitment, so it will increase the likelihood of them agreeing to what you asked for. This digital message is another “touch,” in a multi-touch sales process. A “touch” is any kind of contact a person has with your business, including you.

For those who agree to a meeting or to attend your event, still focus on giving them your attention and care, then present what you offer and how it can help them, then ask them to become your client. If you go with the inviting to an event approach, you may want to ask for a meeting within 24-48 hours after the event. Then at that meeting, follow the same given for meetings above.

Remember that networking events are a sales funnel and that not everyone will say “Yes” to a meeting or to anything else you may ask, and that’s ok. Keep going to the same networking events over and over again to get to know the other guests and have them get to know you better. Overtime, many more may become your clients.

Want to take your business up a further level? Join one of our referral groups, where you get free access to the Premium version of all of our events and you get to attend weekly motivational meetings with a group of high-calibre business owners who are eager to send and receive referrals and provide you with other support to grow your business.

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