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Tammy Defoe is the Founder and President of GTApreneurs Inc., a business networking and business services company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tammy is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer, Public Speaking Instructor, Event Coordinator and Host. She would be happy to help you grow your business!

Tammy’s previous careers were in the financial services, fitness, and food and beverage industries, all in both employment and self-employment roles.

As an independently contracted Financial Security Advisor, Tammy received training from top financial planners and insurance specialists in sales, business development and financial planning, and collaborated with many other related professionals including mortgage agents, real estate agents, lawyers and others to bring the best quality service to her clients and to educate the public through the live financial seminars she hosted.

As a Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Fitness Supervisor, Group Fitness Instructor and Trainer-Owner, Tammy educated and trained hundreds of clients and trained many Personal Trainers and aspiring Fitness Instructors to great success. She also collaborated with several other complimentary professionals including physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and psychotherapists to bring the best service to her private coaching clients.

This experience with collaborative and referral relationships, combined with Tammy’s 30 years of group instruction, event planning and hosting experience, and her private coaching, management and top performing sales experience laid a strong foundation for her to found GTApreneurs in 2019.

Tammy’s education includes completing 3 years of university studies with a grade A average, including courses in business, psychology, science, math, nutrition and kinesiology; plus former fitness certifications, the Canadian Investment Funds course, the life license qualification program and ongoing education and training in digital marketing and technology.

Tammy brings this unique knowledge and experience to her group and private business coaching clients every week, and she would be happy to put it to work for you to help your business thrive.

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Reach Your Full Potential

Studies have shown that entrepreneurs who work with Business Coaches do better than those who don’t.

  • Learn the fundamentals before starting or get on board now with learning the most important concepts in business today and see your business soar.
  • Knowledge is power, so equip yourself well so you can save time and money on strategies and methods that may not generate the best short-term or long-term results for your business.
  • Ride on the coat-tails of our expert Business Coach, by getting professional advice on what to do and what to avoid.
  • Get an action plan that you will work through week after week with the full support and guidance of your coach, so by the end of your program you will see concrete improvements and have a clear vision for your future success.

GTApreneurs offers more than just business coaching. We are a full business services and networking organization dedicated to helping you at all stages of your business from start-up to maturity to succession planning and sale or transfer.

client reviews


I really appreciate all of our members, Guest Speakers and event guests who have a provided us with a testimonial about their positive experiences with our business networking events memberships and business coaching.

– Tammy Defoe


– From our current and former clients
This is THE BEST networking event I’ve attended. Everyone really wants to connect and build relationships. Tammy really cares about everyone within her referral network by pointing it out strengths top group members. You really need to join the next event. Highly recommend it.
I have been a member for almost a year now. I would highly recommend GTApreneurs to anyone looking to network and create lasting friendships. I'm continuously receiving referrals which is allowing me to grow as an entrepreneur.
Tammy is fabulous in providing a professional platform that connects people and businesses. GTApreneurs referral groups are a great way to get referrals and business and the open networking events are the best to meet new people.
I have watched Tammy grow over the last couple years and she has build quite a nice Kingdom of entrepreneurs who really want to get to know one another and turn those relationships into business. She is structured, organized and diligent. I love what Tammy has created and how she consistently provides education and opportunities for her network. Thank you.
I have attended many Gtapreneurs events. They are always well run and great networking opportunities. I have made some great connections. I highly recommend attending the networking events and becoming a member of one of the chapters.
Tammy Defoe is a great business coach. I am in one of her networking groups and it is a great place to make strong connections and referrals with business partners. I also I recommend attending the open events with great speakers who present on important topics .
Tammy Defoe developed a fantastic network of professionals through networking events and exclusive referral groups including business coaching, education and resources. It is my pleasure to lead one of the groups as a Coach. I love the energy of the group and the community in general. I highly recommend attending the events featuring guest experts who speak and present on important topics as well as joining a group to form incredible relationships and referral partnerships.
I have been happily attending GTApreneurs Networking events for some time now. Tammy does an amazing job with her layout, presentations, guest speakers, keeping us on track and opportunities for each individual business to speak with a personal pitch. I had the honour to be a guest speaker to present my business in the past. Tammy was very supportive during the entire process of planning and implementing the presentation. I am grateful for all the assistance provided to me and the opportunity to share my knowledge of my company to those that attended. I highly recommend you join us sometime to see what I am raving about. Hope to see you there.

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