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Join our community of respected and motivated business owners who love to network and support each other.

As a GTApreneurs Business Networking Member, you will get a listing in our directory, so consumers who visit our website or are searching on the web for your profession can find you. You can update your listing as often as you want.

Plus, you get to attend the Premium version of all of our open networking events. We host 2 of these every month. “Open” means that any entrepreneur is welcome to attend, whether or not they are a member.  Non-members can join the first hour of our virtual networking events for free, but, must pay if they want a Premium ticket. Non-members must pay to attend our in-person events.

When you come out to our events over and over again, you develop relationships with the other members and non-members who attend. Having more people know, like and trust you is key to success, so popping into one networking event here and there is not as effective as being a regular attendee. The best way to become a regular is by getting a membership.

You will love the discounts you get with the Corporate+Club card we will send you in the mail. You can save money on computers, tourist attractions, rental vehicles, hotels, restaurants and other retailers. The average card holder saves over one hundred dollars a year from the discounts they receive, and the best part is you get a lifetime membership. *Lifetime means as long as GTApreneurs is a Club Manager with Corporate Plus Club.

All members have access to our Association Health and Dental Insurance Plan. Diamond Networking Event members and Referral Group members receive access to our Members-Only Business Development Learning Centre.

All members are entitled to receive discounts on GTApreneurs website and SEO services, private Business Coaching programs and Guest Speaker marketing packages. Exclusive Referral Group members get even more benefits.

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Premium networking events

All memberships include 1 year access to all of our virtual and in-person business networking events. You will also receive a Guest Contact Sheet emailed to you after the event (for our afternoon virtual events) or the day after our in-person, evening events.


As a member you can receive a multitude of discounts on entertainment, travel, computers, home improvement supplies, restaurants and more. We will send you a GTApreneurs Corporate+Club card in the mail. Register it online on your phone or desktop, then shop when you are ready, at a discount.


Get found on GTApreneurs.com! We get almost 1000 visitors to our website every month. Now, our visitors will be able to find your business when you create a listing. All of our memberships come with a free directory listing, and allow you to add your website URL, which creates a backlink, which may help with your Google rankings.

belonging to a community

We have hundreds of friendly, helpful, skilled, knowledgeable and positive entrepreneurs in our network. They will be happy to meet you and will make you feel welcome. Our President, Tammy Defoe also welcomes you and is happy you've decided to join us!


Life as an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially for those who are working from home. Make new connections who may become valuable long-term referral partners, joint venture partners, advisors, and friends.


Get access to GTApreneurs group health and dental insurance plan. When you are a member, you can enroll with no medical questions and guaranteed to be approved. Why pay for health care on your own, when you can get the benefits of a group plan?

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