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There are many important reasons to have a website for your business!

First of all, it gives credibility to your business. If you don’t have a website, it tells consumers that you either can’t afford a website or you are not smart enough to realize that you need a website. In the eyes of consumers, if they think that you can’t afford a website, it can indicate that your business is not very successful, which they can interpret to mean that you do not provide quality products or services. 

Also, how will consumers find your business if you don’t have a website? If you have a physical location, they may see a sign overtop of your store as they go by. But, if you don’t have a physical location, you need a digital location (a website) or more than one (website + social media).

Why else do you need a website? Consumers want to see visuals of what you offer and read more information about your offerings, before they decide to take action. Having a website gives almost unlimted space to add as many images, videos and text as you want to give consumers everything they need to make a decision to act.

What kind of actions do you want them to take? On your website there can be many CTAs (Call to Actions), such as book a meeting/appointment, fill out contact form, interact with chatbot, call, email, subscribe to newsletter, request a quote/estimate, or make a direct purchase.

You put have some of these CTAs on social media, print advertising and email marketing, but, if you want to have them all in one place and you want to be able to take payments directly, having a website is the best and may be the only option depending on the kind of business you have.

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- Meet GTApreneurs' SEO Specialist

Allan Pollett, Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Guru

CEO of Global Net Trade and SEO Specialist at GTApreneurs Inc.

Since 1998, Allan has worked as a SEO and web marketing specialist. He is known as the “SEO Guru” having written several books on reputation management, social media and SEO related topics. Over the years, he has helped over 1000 businesses get to the top of the organic search results.

As such, he is one of the best SEO Specialists in the world. GTApreneurs is proud to partner with Allan to bring our clients his knowledge and skills.

Allan’s presentation from our June 14-2023 Virtual Business Networking Event.

Get your website ranked higher on Google and other search engines and get more website visitors! 

Just some of our team’s work..

Keep in mind that all website design is highly customizable and the websites below reflect the website owners’ preferences for design.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our website services.

What is UX/UI Design?

UX/UI stands for “User experience / User Interface”

User interface refers to the physical appearance of your website, which your website visitors will interact with.

User experience refers to the quality of the experience your website visitors have when they visit your website.

It is affected by how your website looks, reads and functions, and includes the ease to which consumers can find what they are looking for, site loading speed, quality of writing and more. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

This means that your website was created in an optimal way such that search engines (SE) like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Firefox, Edge and others will recognize your website as being a valuable one to show searchers on their platforms.

There are over 200 factors that Google and other SEs consider when ranking websites.

The foundation of SEO is in the “keywords” used on the site on the UI and in the meta data, and SE rankings are keyword dependent. 

What this means, is that your website can rank differently for different keywords.

What is Website Development?

Website development is the process of implementing the UX/UI design of the website, the content, links and meta data.

It involves adding new pages; then adding text boxes, image and video placeholders to each page; adding the desired colour schemes for each section; configuring the margins and padding for each section; adding in motion effects for text and other elements; adding intrawebsite and outbound links; then searching for and adding in text, images, graphics and videos. 

When that’s all done, the site needs to be tested for functionality and responsiveness across all devices from desktop computers to smart phones, tablets and other devices.

Typically, clients provide website developers with some or most of the pictures and videos that they want to go on their website.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasively such that the readers are compelled to take action as a result of what they read.

Most websites have written content, meaning words on the pages of the website. But, it doesn’t mean that the words have been crafted in a compellingly enough way to want the website visitors to take action.

If clients visit your website, but, don’t take action, then your website is not fulfilling its purpose.

Read below for more information on Calls to Action (CTAs).

A keyword can be one word or a series of words, and it refers to the words that consumers type into search engines to find what they are looking for.

Think about the last time you searched for something online… What words did you type in the search bar?

Did you do a direct search, like, “restaurants in Toronto,” or did you search by asking a question, like, “what is the best restaurant in Toronto?”

Direct phrases and questions are the two typical ways people craft the words they enter into search engines.

To get more visitors to your website, our SEO Specialist will conduct detailed research to determine the most commonly searched for keywords for the type of products and/or services you offer. Then, he will optimize the content on your website by utilizing these words on the front-end, UI and in the back-end (meta data).

When factoring in the 4 main components of a website…

  1. UX/UI Design
  2. Website Development 
  3. SEO
  4. Copywriting

It may take 100 -200 hours to create a good one.

Do you have the skills or the time to learn all of the skills required to build a website and do you have 100-200 hours to build it?

If not, then you need to hire a professional team to build it for you.

We have 5 people on our website team, a Project Manager, UX/UI Designer, a Developer, an SEO Specialist and a Copywriter that can build you an outstanding, money making website.

Book a free consultation below.

Website costs can vary greatly depending on the number of webpages; the amount of written, visual and audible content required; the level of design desired and the degree of functionality of a website.

For example, a website with 20 pages will cost more than a website with 10 pages.

Our SEO pricing depends on the number of pages in a website, the geographical areas targeted and the level of industry competitiveness of website owner.

So, it will cost more to have a 20 page website ranked well than it would for a 10 page website; as it takes time to separately optimize each page.

It will also cost more to have a website ranked well in large metropolitan centres like regions like Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles than it would in small cities, medium sized cities and towns.

The reason for the latter is because there are way more businesses operating and competiting for rankings in the large cities than there are in smaller regions.

SEM stands for search engine marketing and it refers to paying search engines to place ads on their platforms.

There is a place for both types of advertising strategies.

SEO is a long-term strategy that focusses on getting websites ranked well in the organic search results, meaning the non-ads section of SERPs (Search engine results pages). Ranking well organically gives websites a lot of credibility as consumers know that it is not easy to rank well in this section of SERPs, and it can keep websites ranking well for longer after ongoing SEO work is done, than with paid ads which will stop immediately, once payments are no longer made.

Paid ads are good in some situations though. While waiting for your website to get ranked well, you could invest in some paid ads to get some traffic to your website in the meantime.

Keep in mind that just paying for ads is not enough. The ads have to be prepared and targeted optimally and you have to spend more money than all of the other businesses that are paying for ads, otherwise your ad could end up at the bottom of SERPs.

We recommend having a professional help you with creating and targeting the ads to get maximum benefit from your investment.

Yes, our SEO Specialist has over 20 years of experience getting websites ranked on the first page of Google.

We actually have 100% success rate at getting websites ranked in the top 5 of SERPs, and a 98% success rate of getting websites ranked in the top 3.

There are some things you can do to bump up your rankings as well, which would compliment the work we do.

We can typically get websites ranked on page 1 within 4-6 months for competitive keywords and much sooner for less competitive keywords.

Not necessarily.

Google is still highest used search engine in the world, so it’s the most important, but, if your website isn’t ranking well on other search engines, you could be missing out on valuable customers.

When we do SEO, we take a global approach which will boost your rankings on all platforms, although they still might not be in the exact same position on every search engine at the same time.

SERPs stands for search engine results pages.

You have seen likely seen thousands of these in your lifetime, and probably a few every day.

Everytime you search for something on Google or other SE, these search engines will populate many pages with lists of websites on each page.

These lists are the results of your search requests, that is why the pages are called, “Search Engine Results Pages.”

A backlink is formed when your website URL is added to another published website and the URL is hyperlinked.

For example, if you create a post on Facebook and you add your website to the post, you have created a backlink to your website, as Facebook automatically hyperlinks URLs. On some websites, URLs are not automatically hyperlinked and it has to be done manually by the website developer.

Think of a backlink like a backdoor, and consider this example.

You want to go to ABC restaurant and you type in their address into your maps app so you can find it. Their physical address is like your website URL (a.k.a. website address). You walk through the front door and have a seat.

This is the same as if you send a prospect an email and ask them to visit your website and you give him/her your website URL. The prospect will find your website directly through the link you gave him/her.

Now you get up and walk towards the back of the restaurant to use the washroom, and next to the washroom door, you see another door with a sign for Suzie’s Hair Salon. You had never heard of this hair salon before, so you didn’t have their address, but, you discovered it through the backdoor they have in the restaurant you visited.

If you would have known about Suzie’s Hair Salon and would have had their address, you would have found them and walked into the front door, but, you didn’t.

When your URL is on another website, SEs see the backlink as a referral from the other website to your website and depending on the domain authority of the website, it can boost your SE rankings.

Note, as competing for page one rankings never stops, you have to continually be adding backlinks to continue to receive the value from the backlinks.

Note, that some links are more valuable than other links and the value depends on several factors including a website’s domain authority.

Also, note that some backlinks can actually harm your rankings. This happens when backlinks are created on websites that SEs consider to be “spammy.” 

To avoid this, stay away from companies that say they will give you hundreds or thousands of backlinks for a very low price.

When we create backlinks, we actually take the time to create valuable content on reputable websites so SEs will see them a good quality referrals.

*Always remember, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.”

Not directly and not necessarily. Google and other SE ads do not reward you with better rankings because you paid them for ads, however, if your ads were created and targeted well, you may get many more visitors to your website.

The volume of visitors to your website is a very important consideration SEs make when deciding how to rank it.

SEs reason that if lots of people visit your website on a regular basis, you must have a good website.

That’s only one factor though. SEs will also track the length of time visitors stay on your site. 

If you get lots of visitors, but, they only stay for a few seconds, it can actually hurt your rankings, as SEs will reason that your website must not be very valuable if its visitors stop and go quickly.

The most important benefit of SE ads, is that if you are willing to pay enough you can rank at the very top of the SERPs, regardless of any other factor or quality of your website.

Keep in mind that paying a lot doesn’t guarantee that you will be at the very top. You are still competing with every other business who is paying for ads and wants to rank at the top.

It can get very expensive very quickly, depending on the competitiveness of your industry and geographical location to stay on the top.

If your website has been designed and the content created very well and your ads are crafted and targeted well, and you make good money for every sale, then it may be worth if for you to pay for ads, while you are waiting for your website to move up organically with SEO techniques.

Once you are ranking well and getting good traffic flow to your website, you won’t need to pay for ads anymore.

Our SEO services include a one-time set-up fee to optimize your website, then ongoing SEO backlinking to show SEs that more and more other websites are referring their visitors to yours.

If you stop paying for monthly SEO service, unless you start doing a lot of ongoing backlinking yourself and do other ongoing SEO activity, such as adding a lot of new quality content regularly, your website will gradually go down in the rankings for different keywords at different rates.

Note, when you stop, your competition will keep on competing without you.

CTA stands for Call to Action. It means you have to ask prospects to take actions that will either instantly make them your client (e.g. make a direct purchase on your website) or get them closer to becoming your client (e.g. subscribe to your newsletter, call you, email you, chat with your bot, send a message through a contact form on your website, or other).

If you don’t ask your website visitors (prospects and clients) to do anything, they won’t likely do anything. They will just come and go and you will have missed out on very important money-making opportunities.

We recommend having multiple CTAs in multiple locations across your website to convert more of your visitors into clients.

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