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Why Be an Exhibitor at our Networking Events?

There are many great reasons to be an exhibitor at our business networking events!

That’s why many of our exhibitors keep coming back to exhibit at our events again and again.


1. 5-foot table and chairs to set up a booth. Bring your own tablecloth, banner and other promotional items.

2. Lots of exposure through our event advertising. We add your logo to all of our event graphics, as well as your name and other details on most of our events ads.

     > If you have a website, we will add your URL, to most of our ads which creates multiple backlinks to help with your Google rankings.

3. Opportunity to be one of the first business owners to introduce yourself to the group in the Elevator Pitch portion of the event.

4. Complimentary access to the food buffet

5. Ongoing promotion and another backlink on this page. See below.

6. Photo of you at your booth shared with you and posted on our website and social media pages.

7. Guest Contact Sheet for easy follow-up with the event guests and uploading to your CRM.

Exhibitor Marketing Package fee:
Members: $129-$149
Non-Members: $197

* NEW* Introducing


This membership combines our MEGA Networking Membership with our Event Exhibitor Marketing Package for 8 monthly in-person events in one year. Exhibitor booths included with this membership are for all months, except for May, July, August and December.

Our Mega Networking Membership includes:

1.Admission to the Premium version of all of our Virtual Networking Events and admission to all of our in-person Networking Events (36 events/year total)

2. Full-page AD in our homepage directory

3. Members-Only Business Development Learning Centre Content

4. Corporate Plus Club Discount Card

5. Health and Dental Benefits plan (No medical questions asked, just pay the premiums based on your age and location)

6. Discount on website development and SEO set-up services (Book a call with Tammy for more details)

Exhibitor Membership fee:

Register to be an Exhibitor at these events:

April 30-2024

May 28-2024

June 18-2024

All above events are from 5:00-8:00pm upstairs at Improve Canada in Vaughan, one block north of Steeles Ave, Toronto.

Some exhibitors from our past events
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - All exhibitors
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Kelly Nolan at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Elena Petrescu at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Tina Collura at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - FG, Stacy, Nicole, Arlene
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Sonia Kurmey
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Gorette, Elena and guests at booths
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Heather Sanderson and Tammy Defoe
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Monnica Hecht and guest at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Tammy Defoe and Gorette Marques
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Tammy Defoe at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Elena and guest at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Kelly Nolan and guest at booth
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Kelly Nolan and Tammy Defoe
2-27-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Nicole at WFG table
1-30-2024 - Event Exhibitors group pics
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Gorette Marques, Realtor
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Legal Shield
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Sonia Kurmey, Arbonne
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Marcus Nicholas at booth
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Tina Collura
1-30-2024 GTApreneurs networking event - Schekina Israel
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - ASEA
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Clerk-Tech
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs event - Alex Dymov
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking - Tammy Defoe
GTApreneurs 10-24-2023 GTApreneurs networking event - Heather and Tammy, booth
11-28-2023 - GTApreneurs Networking Event - Diane Murphy
11-28-2023 - GTApreneurs networking event - Larry Gousvaris
GTApreneurs 10-24-2023 GTApreneurs Networking Event - Francine Boldovitch
GTApreneurs 10-24-2023 GTApreneurs networking event - Jenny Rokhline, presenting
GTApreneurs 10-24-2023 GTApreneurs Networking Event 4
1-30-2024 - GTApreneurs networking event - Eli, Maya, Dorina at ASEA booth

Networking Event Details

We accept exhibitors at all of our monthly in-person networking events, except for July, August and December. Our in-person events fall typically on the last Tuesday of the month and start at either 4pm or 5pm.

Here is a sample itinerary:

5:00-6:00pm: Open networking, food buffet, visit exhibitor booths
6:00-6:10pm: GTApreneurs welcoming presentation
6:10-6:30pm: Guest Speaker Presentation
6:30-7:00pm: Elevator Pitches
7:00-8:00pm: Open networking, visit exhibitor booths


Venue: Toronto or southern York region
Food Buffet: Variety of meat and vegan options.
Beverages: Water, Pop

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Thank you to these exhibitors for helping to make our past networking events a success!

Chirag Joshi
Aarialife Technologies

Visit website >>

Shawn Kantor
Insurance Advisor, Life, Health and Wealth
RBC Insurance

Visit website >>

Miriam Rachel
Intuitive Healer, Medium, Tarot Practioner
Miriam Reads Tarot

Visit website >>

Elena Petrescu
Body Language Expert & Hypnotist
Transforming You

Visit website >>

Nicole Martin-Porter & Arlene Martin
Financial Educator

Email >>

Tina Collura
Founder and CEO
See Yourself Grow

Visit website >>

Abhishek Basak
Head of Operations

Visit website >>

Dorina Badiceanu
Health Consultant- Independent Associate

Visit website >>

Schekina Israel
Financial Advisor
World System Builder

Email >>

Diane Murphy RNCP/ROHP
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Visit >>

Alex Dymov
Chief Executive Officer
Galaxy Decor

Visit >>

Larry Gousvaris
Multi-Unit Franchise Owner
Tutor Doctor Toronto North & West

Visit website >>

Monica Hecht
Community Manager
The Village Hive

Visit >>

Charlotte Kirby
The Village Hive

Visit >>

Francine Boldovitch
Independant Consultant

Visit website >>

Balbir Pabila
Regional Manager
PPLSI, Legal/ID Shield

Visit website >>

Gorette Marques
Coldwell Banker 

Visit website >>

Marcus Nicholas
Marcus Nicholas Photography

Visit >>

Heather Sanderson
Exhibit Consultant
DENMAR Displays & Exhibits

Visit website >>

Sara Tito
Promotional Products
26 Plus Promotions

Visit website >>

Martin van Driel
Insurance Agent
World Financial Group

Visit website >>

Randi Goodman
Real Estate Broker

Visit >> 

Sonia Kurmey
Arbonne Consultant

Visit website >>

Serene Chin
Mortgage Agent
Citadel Mortgages

Visit website >>

Jana Selvam

Visit >>

Shriyah Sadana, M.Acc, CPA,  Insurance Advisor, Life, Health & Wealth
RBC Insurance

Visit profile >> 

Zahra Lavji R.O.
Registered Optician/Founder
Eyewear on the go

Visit >>

Mary Minelli
Business Development Manager
Chartwell Retirement Residences

Visit >>

Alex Gabriel
Personal Fitness Trainer, A.G. Elite Personal Training Services

Visit website >>

Nicole Norcia and Maria Gemmiti, Directors
NickNiche Creative Studio

Visit >>

Charlotte Chau
Director, Travel Agent
Expedia Cruise Centers
Visit website >>

Lisa Taylor
Wellness Consultant

Visit website >>

Networking Event, Trade Show or Business Expo?

Our events are considered business networking events, but, they share some similar features of tradeshows and business expos. Typically, our in-person business networking events, have around 50 guests, whereas tradeshows and business expos typically have several hundred. We think it’s a good idea to attend many different networking events, tradeshows and business expos as long as you have the time to follow-up with those you meet at those events. The day after all of our events, we email you an organized Guest Contact Sheet with the names and information for all event guests, which makes follow-up much easier. Plus, even at a 50 person event, the chances are you won’t get to talk to every person there, so having a contact sheet with the names of all guests, you can also reach out to those you didn’t have time to meet.

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