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Newmarket and York Region are great places to do business. Whether you have a storefront location or you work from home, there are hundreds of business owners and consumers who are looking to connect with you.

Why connect with local entrepreneurs? When businesses support each other, everyone wins. When you get to know other business owners in Newmarket and the surrounding area, you are able to send them referrals and receive referrals so all of your clients are taken care of. 

Being part of a local business network also makes you feel like you are a part of a community that cares about you and your success. There is power in groups, so don’t stay isolated and try to do everything yourself. Network, collaborate, refer and reap the benefits.

We don’t have any in-person drop-in networking events in Newmarket planned at this time, however, you are welcome to join come out to our virtual networking events, open to all entrepreneurs from anywhere as well as our Toronto in-person Dinner Buffet and Business Networking Events, of which we have one of each every month.



Being a member of a GTApreneurs Exclusive Referral Group is a great way to grow your business!

Instead of a Newmarket Referral Group, we now have a York Region-Richmond Hill Referral Group where Newmarket and area business owners are welcome to join. This group is in the building phase with 8 seats already taken, but, there is still room for more.

Click below to go to our Richmond Hill networking page to see the list of professions we still have an opening for.

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