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GTApreneurs is a Business Networking and Coaching company based in Toronto, which is devoted to helping Entrepreneurs gain knowledge, improve their skills, increase their motivation and grow their businesses. We offer 4 different services to do just that  -Open Networking Events, Exclusive Business Referral Groups, also called Networking Groups in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area, Guest Speaking Opportunities and Public Speaking courses.

The Public Speaking courses are open to non-entrepreneurs as well, from Toronto, the Greater Toronto area and outside of these areas. These courses are designed to help people reduce their anxiety and increase their confidence when speaking with other individuals, when in small groups and when giving presentations. These courses also help people improve their conversation skills, which will help them build new relationships and deepen existing ones. They also teach people to how construct and deliver effective presentations, and improve their ability to answer spontaneous questions.


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GTApreneurs Exclusive Business Referral Groups are a great way for you to grow your business. As a member you will be part of a team of select business owners who are happy to send you referrals to grow your business.


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Larisa Makuch, Certified Master Coach, TNLP, MTLT, TCHT, Proctor Gallagher Institute, Larisa Makuch Coaching
Larisa Makuch, Certified Master Coach, TNLP, MTLT, TCHT, Proctor Gallagher Institute, Larisa Makuch Coaching
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"I've attended and sponsored events with Tammy and GTApreneurs and have been incredibly impressed with both. Tammy attracts quality individuals to her networking events and ensures the evening is set up for meaningful connections, growth and insight to move your business forward and even have fun along the way. It's a breath of fresh air to the networking scene and I'm so happy and grateful to have met her and been able to work with her. I highly recommend."
Holly Ruccia, ACN Distributor-Energy, Internet, Phone, Sanitizer - Donating to Project Feeding Kids
Holly Ruccia, ACN Distributor-Energy, Internet, Phone, Sanitizer - Donating to Project Feeding Kids
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"Kudos to Tammy for arranging great events that attract quality business professionals. She practices what she preaches. I had the great pleasure to receive a referral, not previously met, because she connected us feeling there may be a business opportunity to benefit us. Networking at it’s finest. Keep up the good work helping business owners grow their businesses. Even in this new and challenging time of Covid 19, we can still move forward in creative ways."

Networking Events Toronto

Wednesday July 15 > 12-1pm

Thursday July 30 > 7-8:45pm

Event Host:
Tammy Defoe
Business Coach, GTApreneurs

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Short Summer Lunch-Time Networking Event (1 hr)

Come out to this great event to connect with other entrepreneurs and promote your business!

You’ll have 30-60 seconds to tell the group about yourself and how you help your clients. Feel free to share your screen, if you have a website you want to show us, or if you sell products, have them on hand to show us.  Visuals speak louder than words!

Have your contact information ready to paste in the chat to share with others.

Featuring Guest Speaker:
May Semaan

Back to the Core Life Coach

“Changing or Creating a Habit: Science or Will!!!!”

May is a passionate life coach, striving to help stagnated, overwhelmed and confused individuals to plan and become self-assured, grown and clearheaded. Her goal is to help her clients move from the “I don’t know” stage to the “Done! Next” stage.

Cores and Skies
(647) 907-9036


*If you have any trouble registering using the links above, please send me an email and I will email you back the login information directly. Thank you.


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GTApreneurs Business Networking Events Toronto – Vaughan
Thurs Feb 27/2020 @ Experior Financial Group

Congratulations to the February 2020 *Team Trivia Challenge* Winners!

Gianluca, Mortgage Agent

Imar McEwan, Photographer

Mario Francella, Wealth Strategist, Experior Financial

Nadine Brown, Financial Security Advisor, Experior Financial

GTApreneurs Business Networking Events Markham
Thurs Jan 30/2020 @ The Village Hive

GTApreneurs Business Networking Events Toronto
Thurs Jan 16/2020 @ Eureka Hub

GTApreneurs Business Networking Events Markham
Mon, Dec 2/2019 @ The Village Hive
Lots of fun and great Speaker!

GTApreneurs Business Networking Events Markham
Tuesday, Nov 5/2019 @ The Village Hive
What a great bunch of entrepreneurs who came out!

Participating in GTApreneurs Business Networking Events in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area is a great way to grow your network and have fun at the same time. You’ll get up to one minute at each Toronto area Networking Event to pitch your business to the group.

GTApreneurs Exclusive Referral Networking Groups offer annual memberships. Being a member of a GTApreneurs Exclusive Referral Networking Group is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Being a Guest Speaker at a GTApreneurs open Business Networking Event in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area is a great way to boost your business in a short period of time. You will be promoted to thousands of entrepreneurs via event advertisements for the Toronto Networking Events and you’ll get a 20 minute spot during the event to give an informative presentation about your area of expertise.

Right now all Toronto Networking Events are taking place online via Zoom video. Whenever event spaces reopen for large groups, we will resume our in-person networking events in Toronto and in other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

EMAIL:                                                                  PHONE: (416) 320-7747