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GTApreneurs is a Business Networking company based in the Toronto area, which is devoted to helping Entrepreneurs gain knowledge, improve their skills, increase their motivation and grow their businesses by making new connections and receiving referrals.

Specifically, we offer *A New Way to Network Business Networking Events, Exclusive Business Referral Groups, Guest Speaking Opportunities and Public Speaking Courses.

GTApreneurs = More $$$ for your business



Exclusive Referral Groups are a great way to build your business. People prefer to purchase a product or service from someone they know, like and trust; or from a product or service provider that someone they know knows and has had a positive experience with.

Being a member of a GTApreneurs Exclusive Business Referral Group makes you part of a team of highly motivated business owners who are eager to send referrals to you. Their contacts are happy to connect with you and give you the opportunity to present your offerings.

Other great member benefits: Supportive and motivating weekly group meetings with a Business Coach

For more information about GTApreneurs Exclusive Business Referral Groups, click on the chat bot on the right side of this screen to ask a question or book a virtual chat with the owner or see the “Referral Groups” tab at the top of the screen.



Stay connected by joining other entrepreneurs online via video chat. It will boost your motivation, give you the chance to learn something new and the opportunity to pitch your business to the group. 

Each attendee will have up to 1 minute to give their pitch, followed by Q&A. *If you sell products have them nearby so you can show them to us. You may share your screen with the group for your </=1 minute presentation if you wish to show a website or other document.

*Please note:You must register via the “Register” buttons below the event descriptions with your FIRST and LAST NAME, your EMAIL address and PHONE NUMBER in order to be sent the login information for the event.

See you there!


Wednesday, June 3, 2020 > 12-2pm

Featuring Guest Speaker: Kara-Lynn Palmer:

“I am a survivor of TBI & post-concussion, stroke, anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression, blood clot, varicose veins, fractured bones, vertigo, and cognitive issues.  From the moment I started using VoxxLife’s all natural, drug-free products, I felt instant improvements to my balance and range of motion.  I then progressively experienced amazing improvements in my balance, stability, range of motion, power, stamina, pain relief, energy, recovery time, and in my posture.  Along with direct impact to my fight and flight, skeletal muscle control, reaction time, heart rate regulation, motor control proprioception, and respiratory control. I will show you these products and tell you how they work. They might just change your life!” – Kara-lynn

Kara-Lynn Palmer
Qualified Personal Independent Associate with VoxxLife

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Thursday, June 28, 2020 > 7-9pm

Featuring Guest Speaker: Jenna Bishop, R.BIE, CNP
“Discover the Culprits Behind Your Symptoms to Bring Your Body Back into Balance.”

Why do some people react negatively to some substances and others don’t? Every substance in the universe vibrates with its own unique vibrational frequency referred to as an electromagnetic fingerprint or “signature”. When exposed to a specific substance, the body will either recognize its signature or it won’t.

BIE is the method of teaching the body to recognize substances that are causing it stress and producing symptoms.  Once recognized, it can then differentiate between good and bad, harmful and non-harmful, allowing itself to heal and consequently alleviate its own suffering.

I am passionate about helping my clients regain their health and live their lives to the fullest again and I am very happy to share my knowledge with you!

Jenna Bishop, R.BIE, CNP
Registered BIE Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Practitioner
BIE Balance – Holistic Health Care
9955 Yonge Street, Suite 102, Richmond Hill, ON |

Event Coordinator and Host:
Tammy Defoe,
Founder of GTApreneurs
Business Coach, Public Speaking Instructor
(416) 320-7747 

Visit us at:


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GTApreneurs Business Networking Vaughan
Thurs Feb 27/2020 @ Experior Financial Group

Congratulations to the February 2020 *Team Trivia Challenge* Winners!

Gianluca, Mortgage Agent

Imar McEwan, Photographer

Mario Francella, Wealth Strategist, Experior Financial

Nadine Brown, Financial Security Advisor, Experior Financial

GTApreneurs Business Networking Markham
Thurs Jan 30/2020 @ The Village Hive

GTApreneurs Business Networking Toronto
Thurs Jan 16/2020 @ Eureka Hub

GTApreneurs Business Networking Markham
Mon, Dec 2/2019 @ The Village Hive
Lots of fun and great Speaker!

GTApreneurs Business Networking Markham
Tuesday, Nov 5/2019 @ The Village Hive
What a great bunch of entrepreneurs who came out!


"I've attended and sponsored events with Tammy and GTApreneurs and have been incredibly impressed with both. Tammy attracts quality individuals to her networking events and ensures the evening is set up for meaningful connections, growth and insight to move your business forward and even have fun along the way. It's a breath of fresh air to the networking scene and I'm so happy and grateful to have met her and been able to work with her. I highly recommend."
Larisa Makuch
Certified Master Coach, TNLP, MTLT, TCHT, Proctor Gallagher Institute, Larisa Makuch Coaching
Kudos to Tammy for arranging great events that attract quality business professionals. She practices what she preaches. I had the great pleasure to receive a referral, not previously met, because she connected us feeling there may be a business opportunity to benefit us. Networking at it’s finest. Keep up the good work helping business owners grow their businesses. Even in this new and challenging time if Covid 19, we can still move forward in creative ways.
Holly Ruccia
Financial Capital Solutions, Project Feeding Kids

EMAIL:                                                                  PHONE: (416) 320-7747