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Brampton is a great city for business. It is located north of Mississauga, Ontario and north-west of Toronto, with several major highways running around and through the city. As of 2020, the city had a population of 656,480, with 26,371 employers operating businesses here, providing thousands of employment opportunities and opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain new clients.

We are specialists in helping you gain new clients!

While we don’t have any Brampton networking events scheduled yet, you are welcome to attend our upcoming Virtual Networking Events and in-person Toronto-area business networking events anytime! We have a virtual event on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12pm and an in-person event on the last Tuesday of the month in the evening. 

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Being a member of an exclusive referral group means that you are part of a team of high-calibre entrepreneurs who work together to grow their businesses. 

Members of our referral groups have greatly benefitted from the weekly meetings, which are led by a Business Coach as well, and from the referrals and other support they receive.

We don’t have a Brampton-specific group right now, but, we may have an opening in our Toronto North Group or our York Region – Richmond Hill Group for your profession. Click the links below to see what positions are currently available.

If you would like to join our Toronto North Group, please click below to check availability.

If you are interested in joining either our York Region – Richmond Hill Group please click below to check availability for your profession. 

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