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Why be a Guest Speaker?

There are many ways to promote your business. You can tell people about your business one person at a time, but, that would be a lot of work and take a lot of time.

You could post on social media on your own, plus post it on your website, pay for SEO and social media ads, but, that will also take a lot of time, effort and money.

Or you could try something different! Being the featured Speaker at an event is the best way to get your name and your business name out to the masses in a very short period of time, especially if you get extra promotion outside of the presentation time at the event.

GTApreneurs will give you that opportunity!

When you are a Guest Speaker at one of our networking events, you are buying full marketing package which will give you 15 minutes at the event to give an educational presentation about your area of experience, thereby showcasing your business!

We will also promote you to over 5000 people via our event advertisments, which will create multiple backlinks for your website, which will improve your SEO.

Our President will also interview you on our Spotlight on Business video podcast which will appear on our website for 1 year and on all of our social media pages. 

We will record your presentation for you and post it on our website and YouTube channel as well. 

You and your business will be advertised on…

Also on..

And on..

along with several other platforms.

That’s a lot of promotion!

Check out these interviews of our some of past Guest Speakers..

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Interested in being a Guest Speaker? Let us know.

Presentations from some of our former Guest Speakers

“3 Things Businesses Need to Know for 2024” – Apr 10, 2024

Allan Pollett
SEO Specialist
Global Net Trade

Visit website >> 

“Demystifying Accounting and Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs” – Mar 26, 2024

Daryl Ching
Founder and Owner
Vistance Capital Advisory

Visit website >> 

“Financial Statements and what they mean?” – Mar 13, 2024

Andrew Mahorn
Business Consultant
LNM Accounting Solutions

Visit website >> 

“The Power Of Hormone Balance” – Feb 27, 2024

Kelly Nolan
Pharmacist/Women’s Health Expert
Avita Integrative Health

Visit website >> 

“The Entrepreneur’s guide to getting paying client opportunities from LinkedIn” – Feb 14, 2024

Zivko Dodovski
CEO, DoneMaker
LinkedIn Lead Generation

Visit website >> 

“WHAT ARE YOUR PROCRASTINATION HABITS COSTING YOU? 21 ways to stop making excuses and start getting stuff done!” – Nov 28, 2023

Tina Collura
Productivity Coach, Business Growth Consultant, CEO at See Yourself Grow

Visit website >> 

“How to Successfully Invest in the US (and Pave the Path to a U.S. Visa)” – Nov 8, 2023

Lauren Cohen
Cross-Border Lawyer, Realtor and Investment Strategist
Investing Across Borders

Visit website >> 

“Growing Your Business with Global Talent” – Oct 24, 2023

Jenny Rokhline
Immigration Lawyer
Founder of Legally Canadian

Visit website >> 

“Taking You on a Real Estate Journey”– August 9, 2023

Caryn Parchment
Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Atria Realty Inc.

Visit website >> 

“The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: Transforming Challenges into Growth Opportunities”– June 27, 2023

Tina Haller
Burnout Recovery Coach
RenewYou Coaching

Visit website >> 

“How to rank higher on Google and Get More Website Visitors” – June 14, 2023

Allan Pollett
Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Guru
GTApreneurs Inc.

Visit website >> 

“Practical Solutions to Volatile Markets” – May 30, 2023

Liam Card
Sr. Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management

(416) 485-4747

“Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers to Fill The Labour Market Needs of our Business” – May 10, 2023

Shafoli Kapur
TDOT Immigration Services Inc.

(416) 947-6710

“Finance – Learn What You Were Never Taught” – April 25, 2023

Martin van Driel
Insurance Agent
World Financial Group

Visit website >>
(647) 960-7961 

“Your Brain – Body Loop” – April 12, 2023

Anne Klausner
Exercise Therapist
Exercise with Care
(416) 414-7276

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