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How NOT to Post Your Contact Info


When you are typing your contact information into a Zoom chat or when you are including it on your website, business card or other material, it is best to leave out the words “Email,” “Website” and “Phone” (if you are only listing one phone number). According to the NLT Institute ( many other sources, on average people remember only 10% of what they read. Since, readers will automatically know that the words and numbers shown represent an email address, a website url or a phone number, they are taking up cluttering the page with unneccessary words and they will cut down on the more important things you want people to remember. LESS IS MORE. So, keep these and any other obvious words out.

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Tammy Defoe
Author: Tammy Defoe

Tammy Defoe is the Founder and President of GTApreneurs Inc. She is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Public Speaking Instructor. She is very skilled and experienced at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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