How many people look past the first SERP on Google?


According to Valeriu Vetiul, Marketing Manager at, Answered 9 years ago.

“The traffic distribution for the first 10 results [on page 1] looks something like this (in %):

1. 28.46
2. 12.73
3. 8.99
4. 6.74
5. 4.87
6. 4.1
7. 3.03
8. 2.78
9. 2.67
10. 2.83

This means that from all the people that search for that specific query, 28% click on the first result, 13% click on the second, and so on. In total, that’s 77% that click on a result on the first page, which means at least 23% go to next pages. How many pages? I don’t know. Though it is safe to assume that results 11+ get less than 2% of traffic each.”

Above taken from on Jan 19-2022.

Where does your website rank and for what keywords? How easy is it for consumers to find you?

If you’re not ranking well for the keywords you want to target, people who have a high need or desire to buy what you sell, are buying with your competitors, not with you.
Most people don’t look past page one of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). On average 77% of consumers searching online don’t look past page 1. So, why let your competitors get all of the inquiries? Take them for yourself. Get your website boosted organically on Google to keep you getting a steady stream of leads on an ongoing basis.

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