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Tammy Defoe

President, Business Coach
Sales and Public Speaking Instructor
GTApreneurs Inc.

Tammy Defoe is a highly skilled Business Coach with over 20 years of successful experience in sales, public speaking, marketing, group instruction, event coordination and private coaching. 

She can give you the knowledge, skills, referrals and other opportunities to start your business off right and grow it consistently beyond profitable levels.

She will collaboratively create a strategic marketing plan with you, and provide you with the accountability, coaching, advice and motivation to see your goals through.

Since founding GTApreneurs in 2019, Tammy has coordinated over 60 Business Networking Events, she coaches 3 Exclusive Business Coaching and Referral Networking Groups; she recruits and onboards all event Guest Speakers and group members; she creates all of GTApreneurs marketing materials including our website; and she provides private business coaching services.

Tammy’s unique combination of education and experience make her the best Business Coach to help make your business journey significantly profitable. Learn more here >>

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