Sonia Kurmey, Nutrition, Photo

Sonia Kurmey

Independent Consultant

Sonia is a health & wellness coach. She helps people to live a low toxic lifestyle. Living better, feeling better and looking better.

Health is our most important commodity. Wanting to age gracefully, healthy, and with abundance she found Arbonne.

Arbonne is an ecommerce health & wellness company as that aligns with her beliefs, their philosophy, their community, and their products. Arbonne is a B Corporation, a purpose driven company. With a triple bottom line people, planet and profits. Plant-based, certified vegan, certified cruelty,
NonGmo, sustainably and ethically derived products free of harmful and toxic ingredients they are committed to healthy you and a healthy environment. With over 400 personal care products used everyday; skincare, sunscreen, body care and nutrition. They have something for everyone.

And she fell in love with these products that now helped her turn an expense into an income. And she helps many do the same!

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