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Nicole Marques

Independent Insurance Advisor
Nicole Marques

Nicole Marques is a dedicated mother, wife, and Independent Insurance Advisor, with a unique background as a holistic healer.

Having enjoyed a successful tenure in retail banking, Nicole’s ability to work was hindered by an illness she has grappled with since her teenage years. Consequently, her family’s financial dynamics shifted from a dual income household to relying solely on her husband’s earnings while she recuperated. Looking back, Nicole wishes they had possessed insurance coverage to safeguard them during those challenging years, but unfortunately, insurance had not been a consideration at the time.

Nicole’s primary focus lies in collaborating with her clients to ensure their protection during life’s most trying moments. She dedicates herself to safeguarding them, their families, or their businesses from enduring financial hardships associated with health concerns or, worse, the loss of a loved one or a vital figure in their business.

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