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GTApreneurs is a Business Networking company based in the Toronto area, which is devoted to helping Solopreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses. 

We host Business Networking Events which promote different Guest Speakers; provide food and beverages; have open networking; and a fun *Team Trivia Challenge* at the end. 

We also coordinate and facilitate Exclusive Referral Groups that assist with business growth through a combination of peer and professional support; group brainstorming; sales and consultation techniques practice; public speaking and networking skills instruction and practice; relationship building; and a professional combined verbal and digital referral and suggestive referral process.

 Our focus is on helping you and your business succeed and having fun while doing it! 



Stay connected by joining other entrepreneurs online via video chat. It will boost your motivation, give you the chance to pitch your business to the group . *If you sell products have them nearby so you can show them to us. 


Tuesday, May 19/2020 > 7-9pm

Larisa Makuch, TNLP, THT, MTLT, Certified Consultant: Proctor Gallagher Institute Larisa is a savvy, down to earth speaker, author, results coach and consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She helps individuals and small businesses transform their bank accounts by using science and psychology to eliminate roadblocks and transform mindset at the deepest, most permanent level.

Featuring Guest Speaker: Larisa Makuch, Master Coach

Do you know you’re destined for more but feel trapped in your life? Your income’s been the same for years and you’re working hard without moving ahead…. Maybe you had big dreams you’ve given up on because you kept trying and failing…Or maybe life, the kids or keeping up with the Jones’ took over…..

Larisa will show you how to stop procrastinating your life away using a method to double your income in 6 months or less. It’s a success system with more than 85 years of dedicated research in the methods, tools and strategies behind it. This system has been used by people all over the world. You can stop procrastinating your life away and start living the life you want with the income you desire; it can work for you too.

*After Larisa’s motivating presentation, you will have the opportunity to give a 1 minute pitch about your business, followed by Q&A/Comments by the Event Host or other guests. *If you sell products, please bring them to show everyone.

Bring your furry friends along if you have any as well. Animals make everyone happier! 

*To REGISTER for this event, click on the “Register” button below fill in the registration form with your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, CITY or REGION of the city IF you live in TORONTO, and your PHONE NUMBER. Due to hackers who cause problems during Zoom calls and people who want to put out spam to event guests, only those people who enter ALL of the information requested will be sent the login information

Event Coordinator and Host:
Tammy Defoe,
Founder of GTApreneurs
Group Business Coach, Public Speaking Instructor
(416) 320-7747


GTApreneurs Business Networking Vaughan
Thurs Feb 27/2020 @ Experior Financial Group

Congratulations to the February 2020 *Team Trivia Challenge* Winners!

Gianluca, Mortgage Agent

Imar McEwan, Photographer

Mario Francella, Wealth Strategist, Experior Financial

Nadine Brown, Financial Security Advisor, Experior Financial

GTApreneurs Business Networking Markham
Thurs Jan 30/2020 @ The Village Hive

GTApreneurs Business Networking Toronto
Thurs Jan 16/2020 @ Eureka Hub

GTApreneurs Business Networking Markham
Mon, Dec 2/2019 @ The Village Hive
Lots of fun and great Speaker!

GTApreneurs Business Networking Markham
Tuesday, Nov 5/2019 @ The Village Hive
What a great bunch of entrepreneurs who came out!


"I've attended and sponsored events with Tammy and GTApreneurs and have been incredibly impressed with both. Tammy attracts quality individuals to her networking events and ensures the evening is set up for meaningful connections, growth and insight to move your business forward and even have fun along the way. It's a breath of fresh air to the networking scene and I'm so happy and grateful to have met her and been able to work with her. I highly recommend."
Larisa Makuch
Certified Master Coach, TNLP, MTLT, TCHT, Proctor Gallagher Institute, Larisa Makuch Coaching
Kudos to Tammy for arranging great events that attract quality business professionals. She practices what she preaches. I had the great pleasure to receive a referral, not previously met, because she connected us feeling there may be a business opportunity to benefit us. Networking at it’s finest. Keep up the good work helping business owners grow their businesses. Even in this new and challenging time if Covid 19, we can still move forward in creative ways.
Holly Ruccia
Financial Capital Solutions, Project Feeding Kids

EMAIL:                                                                  PHONE: (416) 320-7747