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Kara Fang, Coffee Company, Photo

Kara Fang

Founder, Sip Shuffle Coffee Co.

Kara Fang is the founder of Sip Shuffle Coffee Co., an online coffee shop offering a unique coffee-tasting experience. As a passionate coffee enthusiast, she started the company to solve the problem of exploring flavors without committing to large bags that go stale.

Sip Shuffle provides sampler from various regions and roasts, allowing customers to enjoy diverse coffee experiences and upgrade to larger bags of their favorite blends. The mission is to make tasting coffee easy and fun.

With options for both sampler and large bags, available as whole beans or ground coffee, Sip Shuffle ensures that every coffee lover can find the perfect size and format. The company also offers fully customizable subscription services to cater to individual preferences, providing a convenient way to maintain a flavorful coffee supply.

Explore the world of coffee with Sip Shuffle and discover your new favorite flavors today.

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