Business Goal Achievement


It starts with setting goals.. from small to large and from short-term to long-term. Then, creating an action plan to achieve those goals. Executing the plan; evaluating you performance; and setting new goals for the next period.

Some of the goals we set in business are also known as KPIs, or key performance indicators. These are facts that indicate to you and others how your business is doing, such as the number of meetings you booked, the number of sales meetings you completed, the number of meetings you converted into sales, the average revenue per sale, the number of renewals, the total revenue, etc.

It is essential to track them to make sure you are on the road to success.

Below is an example of basic goal setting, using the “SMART” method.

Below that is a sample spreadsheet I created which you can recreate and use to track your statistics and set your goals.

If you already have a system for this, that’s great! But, if you don’t, use my chart as a reference and watch your business grow further this year. – Tammy Defoe

Tammy Defoe
Author: Tammy Defoe

Tammy Defoe is the Founder and President of GTApreneurs Inc. She is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Public Speaking Instructor. She is very skilled and experienced at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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