ABOUT GTApreneurs

GTApreneurs was born in January 2019 in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by Tammy Defoe with the vision of helping people improve their Public Speaking Skills, their Interpersonal and Business Conversation Skills, and increasing their Business Growth.

GTApreneurs first started with the instruction of group Public Speaking classes developed and instructed by the Founder. Then GTApreneurs added on Business Networking Events. After a brief hold on on the business over the summer of 2019, GTApreneurs renewed itself with a new business model in the fall of 2019.

Tammy incorporated all of her experience and expertise to design and deliver three unique service offerings for Solopreneurs and small business owners.
     1) Monthly and semi-monthly Business Networking Events
     2) Guest Speaking opportunities at the events.
     3) Exclusive Business Referral Groups

     1) The goals of the networking events are to provide entrepreneurs with a place to connect with each other to start or continuing the formation of valuable professional relationships; to spread the word about what their business offers; to teach them something valuable they can use in their business and/or personal life; to give them the chance to practice their Public Speaking skills; to provide them with a wide array of delicious food and beverages to enjoy; and to give them the opportunity to have fun!

Most entrepreneurs work 6-7 days a week and we often don’t make enough time for fun, so Tammy created GTApreneurs networking events with a positive atmosphere and fun all wrapped in one.

     2) GTApreneurs “Guest Speaker” opportunities provide entrepreneurs with a platform to showcase their knowledge and skills by giving a 20 minute presentation during the events to an attentive professional audience eager to connect for reciprocal business growth. Guest Speakers also receive extensive promotion of themselves and their businesses to thousands of prospects through direct email-marketing, posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; as well as on the event postings in 3 Meetup.com groups, on Facebook, LinkedIn, BizNetworkNews.com, Kijiji.ca, Eventbrite and other digital media platforms when available.

     3) Exclusive Referral Groups have been around for decades and have proven to exponentially grow the businesses of their members. GTApreneurs has gone several steps further than the other referral groups by:
       a. Adding a digitally-assisted “Suggestive Referring” tool
       b. Fostering a focus on teamwork and helping each other’s businesses grow through brainstorming and knowledge sharing
       c. Providing group members with the opportunity to each give a 20 minute presentation about their business, thereby practicing their Public Speaking skills while showcasing their knowledge and expertise
       d. Providing education, discussion and practical application opportunities to and for the members on business specific topics including websites, social media platforms, sales, marketing, income tax, financial statements, etc.


Tammy Defoe is an experienced and skilled Event Coordinator and Host, as well as an expert Educational Program Developer, Group Instructor and Personal Coach.

Tammy has been organizing and hosting social and business events regularly for 10 years. She was a Personal Trainer for 13 years, a Group Exercise Instructor for 25 years, a Financial Advisor for 2 years and an ESL/EFL teacher.

Tammy moved to the GTA from London, Ontario in March 2018. She is originally from Windsor, Ontario, and has completed 3 years of university studies in a wide range of subjects from business and psychology, to science, language, philosophy and human kinetics. She has won several public speaking contests in her early years and her ongoing life’s passion is for helping people improve their lives- social, health and business.

“I look forward to meeting you and helping to take your business to the next level!” – Tammy Defoe